DENTISTRY Enters The digital era

3rd February 2020 | Category: Uncategorised

Over the last decade almost every industry has embraced technology in one way or another, adding real value to operations and customer experience. Dr Amit Mohindra, from The White Bridge Clinic, Kidlington, believes the shift towards digital is definitely the future of dentistry.

“When I began my career, the world of dentistry was a very different place. Of course, our primary goal of providing oral healthcare hasn’t changed, but over the years, technological innovation and cutting-edge techniques have transformed the way we deliver care to patients,” explained Dr Mohindra, who has a special interest in treating nervous patients and using minimally invasive treatment methods.

“There has long been a stigma of fear associated with visiting the dentist, with some patients avoiding the chair entirely, preventing them from getting vital care. But, technology can certainly help us overcome this challenge.”

, DENTISTRY Enters The digital era

Dr Mohindra has embraced new digital techniques and technology in his practice for more than five years now, with his team offering digital impressions, digital radiographs, digital anaesthesia and digital smile design to give patients the best modern dentistry can offer. The White bridge Clinic continuest to invest even more in digital technology and have seen huge improvements in patient communication, education, outcomes and comfort levels.

Dr Mohindra continued, “These digital technologies not only allow us to show and help patients understand what’s going on inside their mouth, they also help us manage expectations. In today’s digital age, setting realistic outcomes for patients is paramount, particularly for those undergoing orthodontic treatment. Digital imaging helps reassure patients, as they can actually see what treatment is needed and what the end result will be. Being able to predict more accurate outcomes also helps establish a good dentist-patient relationship, which has many benefits, including long-term loyalty and advocacy.”

, DENTISTRY Enters The digital era

New technology can also improve the effectiveness of treatment administration. “For example, when it comes to digital anaesthesia, we can numb a tooth with one simple injection without affecting other soft tissues, such as the lip and tongue. The anaesthetic only lasts approximately 90 minutes, which is much more comfortable for patients,” said Dr Mohindra.

He continued, “With implants, combining a 3D CT scan with digital impressions allows us to plan treatment with precision from the start. By designing the prosthesis first, the implant can be placed in the best position and a surgical guide can be designed and printed in-house, resulting in less invasive surgery, and a higher quality implant treatment with a shorter recovery time.”

, DENTISTRY Enters The digital era

Whilst it’s clear that patients benefit from practices that embrace digital technology, Dr Mohindra recognises there are perceived barriers which can make practices reluctant to take the tech leap. He said, “The range of innovative products available can feel intimidating, and the price of both implementing technology and training staff to use it correctly can be tough to justify.’

“You can’t expect new technology to work for you from day one. But I believe if you are prepared to make the investment, the benefits far outweigh the costs. It improves our working lives as dentists, boosts staff motivation, and most of all increases the appeal of the practice to prospective patients and their treatment experience from start to finish.”

Concluding, Dr Mohindra thinks the future for dental technologies is bright. “It’s an exciting time to be working in this field, transforming the way we work and providing the best treatment possible for our patients.”



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