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Dental implants are a fixed, sophisticated and innovative long-term solution to replacing missing teeth. Dental implants offer a more functional, durable alternative to dental bridges and dentures and are suitable for replacing a lost single tooth, several teeth or all your teeth.

An implant restores a lost tooth so that it looks, feels and functions just like a natural tooth. Implants improve your smile and give you back your self-confidence. They also help prolong the life of your existing teeth by reducing pressure on them.

Our highly experienced team only us the most acclaimed implant system to ensure you receive the best quality treatment available.

Why choose The White Bridge Clinic?

At The White Bridge Clinic, we offer same-day dental implant treatment which is perfect for patients who are suffering from loose or missing teeth or dentures.

Amit has over 15 years of experience placing dental implants and has placed approximately 1000 over his career. With his experience and use of 3D technology, Amit can often provide you with implant treatment in fewer appointments by combining steps 2 to 4 in one visit. Furthermore, treatment can be provided to you under Intravenous Sedation (known as twilight sleep dentistry) for the ultimate experience.

We use the latest technologies in dental implantology


Our state-of-the-art technology means our patients benefit from quicker treatment and recovery times, as well as a more comfortable and predictable treatment journey.

Treatment steps

Step 1 – We carry out a full assessment of your general health, how your teeth fit together, your oral health and the density of your jaw bone. If we discover you have insufficient bone volume, you may need a bone grafting procedure to allow for the successful placement of implants.

Step 2 – The titanium screws and posts are placed in the bone under a local anaesthetic using a relatively simple surgical procedure.

Step 3 – Titanium is very well tolerated by the body, so over a few months, the implants will bond with the bone – a process known as osseointegration.

Step 4 – Once settled in and fully healed, we can fit replacement teeth to the now firmly positioned implants.

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You need to maintain good oral hygiene following treatment to ensure your implants remain trouble-free. If well looked after, with a regular brushing and flossing routine, they can last for over 15 years. You should also attend regular check-ups so your dentist can make sure your implants stay in great condition.

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Teeth In a Day

What is the ‘teeth in a day’ treatment?



To make your dental implant treatment easier and more convenient, The White Bridge Clinic has invested in the same state-of-the-art dynamic navigation technology that is the standard of care in spinal and neuro-surgery fields. This ensures your implants are placed with great precision and streamlines the process, reducing the time you need to spend in the chair.

What is the Navident navigation System?


Find out more about the Navident Navigation system.

How and why do dental implant infections (peri-implantitis) happen?


Replace missing teeth

At the Whitebridge Dental Clinic practice, we pride ourselves in offering high-quality Dental Implants to replace missing or failing teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

A dental implant has many benefits, especially over traditional treatments. An implant restores a lost tooth so that it looks, feels and functions just like a natural tooth. Implants improve your smile and give you back your self confidence. They also help prolong the life of your existing teeth by reducing pressure on them.

  • Dental implants enable you to eat what you like. They feel and function just like your own teeth and you can eat food with confidence
  • They are comfortable and look, feel and function just like your normal teeth. They are designed to blend in and match your natural teeth
  • Many studies have shown that implants improve a person’s speech and can increase their confidence when speaking in public
  • Implants act just like your natural teeth and are cleaned in the normal way with brushing and flossing
  • By replacing missing teeth with implants, you are reducing the pressure on your remaining natural teeth
  • One or more teeth can make you feel very self conscious, especially when smiling in public.

Restoring your smile with implants removes that embarrassment and boosts your self confidence.

Information: Dental implants are titanium replacement roots, which are placed directly into the jaw bone. Once the implant has integrated, a new crown/bridge or denture can be attached and the new tooth/teeth will function in a similar way to a natural tooth.

Specialist care

At Whitebridge Dental Clinic dental implant procedures are performed by Amit Mohindra . Amit qualified at University of Birmingham 2002, after which he trained at Newcastle Dental Hospital as a senior house officer furthering his skills in different aspects of dental specialties, including oral surgery and restorative dentistry. Amit has achieved a MSc in Dental Implantology.

Amit has attended and continue to attend numerous postgraduate training courses in Europe and America. He has placed and restored successfully over a thousand dental implants over the last decade.

We have the advantage of all treatment being carried out by one person in one location. Dental implants are placed with the most up to date science and technology, including Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT). We work closely with a top specialised laboratory and have a close relationship with our implant manufacturers and suppliers Noble Biocare. Our Implants come with a 10 year guarantee*.

*6 monthly examinations with your dentist and once a year by your implant dentist. 3 monthly hygiene sessions to maintain your implant. Home care instructions to be adhered to and any clinical advice given by the dentist. Accidental damage of your implant is not covered. Not covered against new disease. Not covered if you are a smoker.



We offer a wide range of dental treatments.

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